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Beyond Capacity to Capability At Esconet Technologies, we understand that data is the lifeblood of your business, the foundation upon which all other activities are built. With over a decade of expertise in handling Data Storage systems, we specialize in petabyte-scale data migrations across various platforms and storage devices, ensuring minimal inconvenience to users.
Tailored Storage Solutions
Our approach to data storage goes beyond simply providing space; it's about creating customized solutions. We don't just consider the volume of data you need to store; we dig deep into the performance requirements, use-cases, and the best-suited network access protocols for your specific environment. Whether you need low-latency access to critical business data or a high-capacity archive, Esconet Technologies has a solution tailored for you.
Versatile Disk Technologies
For use-cases demanding low performance but high capacity such as data archiving, we recommend NL-SAS disk-based storage systems. For mid-level performance needs, our solutions are designed around SAS Disks and SSDs. When extreme performance is a non-negotiable, we employ NVMe disks to meet your requirements. In many instances, we utilize a mix of multiple disk types and leverage auto-tiering features to balance the price-performance ratios, offering you the best value for your investment.
State-of-the-Art Network Protocols
In terms of network protocols, Fiber Channel remains our go-to option for block storage, delivering unrivaled performance. However, we understand that flexibility and cost optimization are key; hence, we also offer iSCSI over Ethernet, ranging from 10G up to 100G bandwidth. With the advent of modern systems, we have begun recommending NVMe over Fabrics protocol that provide the lowest latency and extreme block performance.
File and Object Storage
For file and object storage applications, we deploy protocols such as NFS, SMB, and S3. Our expertise also extends to systems based on parallel file systems, with throughputs exceeding an impressive 40 GigaBytes per second.
Software-Defined Storage
In a world that's rapidly moving towards digital transformation, Software-Defined Storage (SDS) brings added flexibility and scalability, allowing you to manage your storage architecture more efficiently. At Esconet, our SDS solutions enable you to optimize and allocate resources dynamically, irrespective of the underlying hardware.
Unparalleled Data Protection and Security
Data security is a paramount concern for any organization. We employ RAID and erasure coding technologies for robust data protection against multiple disk failures. Furthermore, our systems are designed to offer data-at-rest encryption, ensuring that your data remains secure.
Comprehensive Partnerships
At Esconet Technologies, our capability is amplified by our partnerships with major OEMs such as Dell Technologies, HPE, NetApp, and Hitachi Vantara. These collaborations enable us to exceed your data storage expectations through both our uniquely designed HexaData Storage Systems and our OEM partnerships.
In Summary Whatever your data storage requirement may be —be it scale, speed, or security - Esconet Technologies is your one-stop solution, designed to exceed your expectations and empower your business.
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