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Esconet – Your Go-To Expert for Comprehensive Data Backup and Protection Unparalleled, Secure, and Intelligent Backup solutions for the Modern Enterprise. In an era where data is your most valuable asset, Esconet Technologies Ltd. stands as a bulwark in safeguarding it. We offer tailor-made backup and protection solutions across a range of platforms—whether you operate on traditional on-premise datacenters, venture into the public cloud, or opt for a hybrid approach.

Top Reasons to Opt for Esconet's Data Backup Solutions

ImageBulletUniversal Compatibility Break free from system constraints. Our cutting-edge solutions are compatible with any operating system and application, offering you true flexibility.
ImageBulletCross-Platform Expertise Our deep-seated knowledge enables us to evaluate your unique environment, delivering seamless backup solutions that integrate effortlessly with top OEM products like Dell Technologies, HPE, and Veeam.
ImageBulletState-of-the-Art Deduplication Maximize storage efficiency with advanced deduplication at both source and destination. Plus, benefit from self-healing backup repositories that regularly verify your data's restorability.
ImageBulletRansomware-Resilient Storage Guard your digital assets with immutable backup storage, offering robust protection against the burgeoning threat of ransomware.
ImageBulletSupport for Legacy LTO Backups For those still reliant on LTO tape backups, our solutions incorporate LTO auto-loaders and libraries. Despite its limitations, LTO provides a unique "air-gap" protection against ransomware, offering offline or offsite storage.
ImageBulletSwift Backup for Large Data Sets Efficiently safeguard massive volumes of data with minimal disruption to your business operations.
ImageBulletHigh-Speed WAN Backups Leverage state-of-the-art technologies for lightning-fast backups over wide area networks, securing your remote locations.
ImageBulletApplication-Aware Backups From Active Directory and databases to specialized software like SAP, our backup solutions are engineered to offer all-encompassing protection.
ImageBulletInstant Restores for Essential Applications Downtime isn’t an option. The rapid restore and instant restore functionalities offered by our solutions are optimized for mission-critical applications.
ImageBulletRobust Monitoring and Reporting Gain actionable insights through user-friendly dashboards to make data-driven decisions.
ImageBulletAutomated Backup Validation Rely on the automated testing capabilities for backup data, complete with compliance-ready reports verifying restorability.

We are committed to providing robust, scalable, and foolproof backup solutions, customized to your precise needs. Esconet Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is your trustworthy ally for keeping your data secure, compliant, and available whenever you need it.

Ready to supercharge your data security strategy? Contact us today for a personalized solution.

Optimize your peace of mind and business continuity by choosing Esconet for all your data backup and protection needs.

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