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A New Age of Computational Excellence The legacy of supercomputing traces its roots back to the 1960s with Seymour Cray's groundbreaking work. Today, Esconet Technologies takes this pioneering spirit forward with HexaData Supercomputers, a partnership with Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA.

HexaData Supercomputers feature a hybrid architecture, blending NVIDIA's GPGPUs with AMD/Intel CPUs. This enables unparalleled performance in single-threaded and parallelized tasks, making these systems versatile across scientific research, data analytics, financial modeling, and media rendering. Trust in HexaData is widespread, earned from India's top research and educational institutions, as well as multinational corporations with R&D hubs in the country.


Our supercomputers don’t just promise high performance; they deliver extraordinary reliability. Custom-built for specialized applications like molecular dynamics simulations and deep learning models, HexaData is engineered for the most rigorous computational scenarios. Whether forecasting complex weather patterns or advancing medical diagnoses through image analysis, HexaData Supercomputers are at the forefront of computational challenges.


Technological innovation never sleeps, and HexaData stands ready for the next frontier: quantum computing. We are committed to continuously harnessing cutting-edge developments, upholding our mission to drive science, technology, and enterprise forward.


Further adding depth to our offerings, Esconet Technologies brings expertise in AI and Machine Learning (ML) frameworks. We have skills in cuDNN, MXNet, Caffe, and PyTorch, leading frameworks for developing deep learning algorithms.


For instance, our Anaconda environment simplifies package management in Python and R , making it ideal for large-scale data processing and scientific computing. Apache MXNet, another integral part of our ecosystem, is highly scalable, efficiently utilizing memory and enabling quick symbolic execution. It supports both symbolic and imperative programming paradigms, making it versatile for a range of ML applications.


Caffe, written in C++, complements Python and Matlab effortlessly. It has the capability to process over 60 million images per day with a single NVIDIA K40 GPU, thanks to its easy model definitions and optimizations. Then there’s PyTorch, a Python package that brings strong GPU acceleration to tensor computations, backed by a tape-based auto grad system for deep neural networks.


Importantly, we offer our GPU-based servers pre-installed with the customer’s OS of choice, along with these development frameworks. This end-to-end solution ensures that you not only receive cutting-edge hardware but also the software environment tailored to your unique needs. Join Esconet Technologies and HexaData Supercomputers on an unparalleled journey of computational discovery, as we set new standards in the realm of High-Performance Computing.

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