White Box Server is a Server Computer System

White box server is a server computer system assembled from readily available hardware components in the market. Like white box desktop computers, white box servers can be assembled and sold with or without branding. The specifications of a white box server are not typically targeted for a specific application but are suitable for one or more genres of applications. Or, they can be generic enough to define servers for common computing purposes in a data center. As white box servers become more popular, some white box server configurations have expanded specifically to support more resource-intensive applications such as those in high performance computing. Increasingly, as the benefits of using white box servers become more evident, more web-scale companies are integrating them into their data centers to leverage those benefits.
Benefits of Using a White Box Server
There are many benefits derived from deploying white box servers as a data center solution or enterprise server solution, including:
• Customization - Since most white box servers are assembled when ordered, each server can be put together from a large range of components from which a customer selects. A white box server provides a great amount of flexibility for configuration to meet the requirements of applications that it is assembled to run. In contrast, big-name branded servers are available with only fixed or limited configurations.
• Cost savings - White box servers cost less than branded servers due to their usage of generally available components and absence of premium branding. The lower cost enables organizations that use white box server systems to leverage equal or more computing power at a lower price point than branded systems. Large-scale data centers such as those operated by large cloud service providers benefit immensely from lower cost white box servers running Linux server operating systems.
• Ease of maintenance and support - A white box server uses generally available hardware components with standard interfaces. If these components fail, acquiring replacements for the failed units can be done without much difficulty at a reasonable cost as they are readily available in the market. Moreover, the learning curve needed to replace failed components is low or non-existent due to the common availability and standard interfaces used by the components. Top-tier white box server vendors such as Thinkmate provide comprehensive warranty and support for their products. Parts replacement and service from these vendors ensure that downtime is minimal or non existent.

Buy a White Box Server from Esconet

Esconet is a leading supplier of white box servers. Each Esconet server is built in a state-of-the-art ISO-certified facility in the India. Components are carefully selected for each system offered to customers. Esconet’s website allows customers to easily select components to configure each server system and to view the complete system price based on their selections. If a configuration cannot be completed through the website, Esconet’s in-house engineers can build a server solution based on custom specifications. Each white box server from Esconet comes with a 3-year warranty with advance parts availability and 24-hour customer support. When you buy a server from Esconet, you are buying a highly reliable and robust product with premium customer care.

Server solutions for data centers are experiencing healthy growth as cloud and virtual computing become widely adopted. With this adoption comes increasing demand for rack space in data centers. This demand increases the value of data center real estate resulting in a corresponding increase in operating cost for each server. One solution to alleviate this increase is to deploy a high density server solution. Increasing the compute and storage density of each server derives more productivity from each server, and hence, increases the ROI on the physical space occupied by the server in the data center.

Purchase a Custom-Configured High Density Server Solution from Esconet

Esconet sells a large range of high density server solutions in its product line. Esconet also sells Intel & Asrock Rack high density servers and blade servers. All high density server requirements can be fulfilled with a server solution from Esconet.
Esconet servers are designed for space-constrained high performance computing. Available in 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U & 5U sizes, these servers provide a practical blend of performance, density, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Each server contains more than one server node. 2U servers contain two or 4 Nodes nodes, and 3U servers contain eight or 12 nodes. Server nodes run Single or dual Intel® Xeon® CPUs. Each server solution comes with or without Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 or a Linux server operating system such as CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, or Red Hat®.
High density server solutions available from Esconet include non blade server solutions. Each server solution uses compute enclosures that can be installed in standard 42U racks.
The highest density non blade server solutions from Intel are the four server solutions. These servers come in 2U, size. Intel 2U four node, servers contain four server nodes with two CPUs per node in a 2U chassis.

Achieve Low TCO from Each Server Solution from Esconet

Esconet’s high density solutions are designed to provide high performance computing with low TCO. Each high density server solution achieves these goals by:
• Increasing server node and CPU density many times over in the same server rack space as traditional server solutions. This saves costs on physical space, maintenance, and management.
• Using very high efficiency power supplies to power all servers. This reduces power consumption.
• Reducing the number of cables used by each server. This reduces cabling costs and also increases cooling efficiency by eliminating cable clutter which leads to energy savings.
For the highest performance-per-watt and highest performance-per-rupee server solution, buy from Esconet.


Date : 20 May 2017